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Many constraints arise due to the environmental impact of aviation…
– Imposed silence slots at certain airfields
– Strong tensions between users and local residents
– Significant increase in fuel prices…

…in addition to the daily challenges faced by airclubs :
– Maintaining economic balance
– Retaining the number of members
– Ensuring sufficient flight hours

To ensure the sustainability
of airclubs, the only solution
is a transition towards
electric aviation

The immediate solution
to the environmental challenge

There are 2 main causes behind the various constraints affecting general aviation: environmental impact and noise pollution. In the long run, if the environmental transition of aviation is not carried out, the activity of clubs is directly threatened.

Perfectly suited uses for airclubs

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Flight training

Electric planes are particularly interesting for flight training. With the autonomy available to date, it is already possible to practice 2/3 of the PPL (Private Pilot License) training. In 2-3 years, autonomy will be improved and we will be able to do 100% of the training in electricity. The electric aircraft also has flight qualities ideal for handling training and benefits from a quick and efficient start-up to maximize the flight time useful for training on a lesson.

Local flights

By being easy to use for pilots because they are easy to move, with short checklists and very quick start-up, electric planes are perfect for local training and leisure flights.
The always perfect centering thanks to the weight of the batteries which does not change makes the aircraft particularly pleasant to fly.
Finally, electric flight is extremely advantageous because with its silence, it does not stir up tensions with local residents, which is synonymous with peace of mind for pilots.

Discovery flights/baptisms

By being new and innovative, electric flight attracts! Especially the general public to discover new sensations of flight combining pleasure and respect for the environment, while enjoying an extraordinary aerial view.

A “tailor-made” rental service for air clubs

Rental is widespread in aviation for decades, especially for airlines. It has become an essential mode of acquisition.

The Green Aerolease rental service is “all-included” :

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