Pipistrel Miniliner

Availability : 2030

  • Propulsion Hydrogen
  • Range 1500km
  • Seats 19

The airplane

After the Velis Electro, the first electric aircraft certified by EASA, the Slovenian manufacturer Pipistrel is developing a larger-scale project. Miniliner is the name given to their new 100% hydrogen aircraft, which will be a 19-seat regional transport plane set to be released around 2030. For the Miniliner, Pipistrel has opted for an innovative design: while they are known for high-wing aircraft, this time the Slovenian manufacturer presents a low-wing aircraft.

The manufacturer

Pipistrel is a Slovenian aircraft manufacturer. Originally specializing in ultralight aircraft, Pipistrel shifted towards sustainable aviation in 2014 by working on a 100% electric ultralight aircraft, the Alpha Electro, and more recently certifying the Velis Electro in 2020. As a pioneer in electric aviation, the Slovenian manufacturer was acquired by Textron in 2022.

The use of the airplane

  • Passenger transport

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