Aura Aero Era

Avalability : 2028

  • Propulsion Hybrid
  • Range 370-1700km
  • Seats 19
  • Pressurization Yes
  • Speed 250kt

The airplane

Aura Aero is working on a hybrid-electric aircraft project called ERA. Initially developed with 6 engines, the manufacturer has chosen to add two additional engines to the aircraft in order to facilitate maintenance and increase operational distances. These engines will be powered by two turbogenerators as well as four packs of 800V electric batteries.

The manufacturer

Aura Aero is a French manufacturer based in Toulouse. They are the creators of the two-seater Integral family and the hybrid transport aircraft ERA. Aura Aero is fully committed to the environmental transition of the aviation industry, particularly in the areas of pilot training and passenger transport.

The use of the airplane

  • Passenger transport
  • Cargo transport

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