Accelerate the environmental transition of the aviation sector

Air transport’s environmental transition is essential to allow the sector to continue to develop and survive.

Air transport emissions account for a significant share (around 3%) of global CO2 emissions. Without action, in the midst of other sectors which are all in transition, this share will mechanically increase. Already singled out for its impact on the environment and the noise it causes, the aviation industry must work actively to make the transition.

To address these challenges, numerous projects for “light” aircraft, ranging from 2 to 19 seats, equipped with new propulsion systems, have emerged worldwide in recent years. Various technologies are being explored to develop hybrid, electric, and hydrogen-powered aircraft. These different systems offer several advantages:

  • Zero carbon emissions during operation
  • Quieter flights
  • Lower operational costs in terms of maintenance and fuel
  • Ease of operation, and more

Sustainable aviation is coming
to meet the need of

Since 2020, with the release of the Pipistrel Velis Electro, electric aviation has become a reality and is rapidly advancing, with the commercialization of transport aircraft expected as early as 2024.

These new aircraft will revolutionize the aviation industry while creating new opportunities in various areas such as pilot training, leisure flights, regional transportation, and on-demand flights.

These new air mobility solutions hold great potential for development as they are tailored to passengers’ needs:

  • Smaller aircraft enable passengers to access smaller airports closer to their final destinations, providing greater flexibility in flight routes.
  • Carbon-neutral operations of these aircraft allow passengers to travel efficiently while managing their carbon footprint.
  • Quiet aircraft help strike a balance between air traffic and the tranquility of airport neighbors.
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Our mission at Green Aerolease is to facilitate the deployment and use of these aircraft among aviation operators to accelerate the environmental transition of the sector.