Pipistrel Velis Club

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  • Propulsion Compensated R912is
  • Range 1100km
  • Seats 2
  • Spead 100kt

The aircraft : The Velis Club

The Velis Club features simple yet efficient avionics, high wings, and low noise, making it a versatile aircraft. It is equally appreciated by pilots learning the basics of VFR navigation as it is by those performing introductory flights or maintaining their skills. This aircraft is ideal for complementing the Velis Electro during PPL training.
Thanks to the Aero4Good association, Green Aerolease offers this aircraft for rent with 100% offset residual CO2 emissions. Learn more about how it works on their website.

The manufacturer

Pipistrel is a Slovenian aircraft manufacturer. Originally a microlight specialist, Pipistrel set its sights on sustainable aviation in 2014, working on a 100% electric microlight, the Alpha Electro, before certifying the Velis Electro in 2020. A pioneer in electric aviation, the Slovenian manufacturer was acquired by Textron in 2022.

The use of the airplane

  • Initial training
  • Skills maintenance
  • Leisure flights
  • Discovery flights 
  • UPRT

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