Heart Aerospace ES-30

Availability : 2028

  • Propulsion Hybrid
  • Range 400-800km
  • Seats 30
  • Pressurization Yes

The airplane

The ES-30 is a hybrid aircraft designed by the Swedish company Heart Aerospace. This aircraft is a hybrid regional transport plane capable of carrying up to 30 passengers. Additionally, it has a very fast full recharge time (30 minutes). The ES-30 uses electric energy for the first 200km of flight and then switches to its hybrid propulsion system.

The manufacturer

Heart Aerospace is a Swedish company with a significant project focused on the development of sustainable aviation. Initially, they were focused on an electric aircraft project with 19 seats. However, recently Heart Aerospace changed its ambition and opted for a hybrid aircraft capable of carrying 30 people.

The use of the airplane

  • Passenger transport
  • Cargo transport

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