Ascendance Flight Technologies ATEA

Availability : 2025

  • Propulsion Hybrid
  • Range 400km
  • Seats 1+4
  • Pressurization No
  • Speed 200km/h

The airplane

ATEA is a hybrid VTOL developed by Ascendance Flight Technologies. It is equipped with 10 engines, 8 engines for vertical propulsion and 2 engines for horizontal propulsion. It is a versatile aircraft that allows for various types of missions, including short-range passenger transport, cargo transport, and medical evacuation. Thanks to its vertical takeoff and landing capability, ATEA enables flights between destinations closer to passengers’ destination and helps connect territories without equipped airfields.

The manufacturer

Ascendance Flight Technologies is a French manufacturer based in Toulouse. This start-up is working on 2 projects, the VTOL ATEA and the hybrid propulsion system STERNA. The STERNA propulsion will be equipped on ATEA and can also be used on other types of aircraft.

The use of the airplane

  • Passenger transport
  • Cargo transport
  • Medical evacuation

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