On-Demand Aviation

To facilitate inter-regional mobility, aviation is currently the most efficient mode of transportation. The highly dense European network of airports/aerodromes, coupled with the emergence of hybrid, electric, and hydrogen-powered aircraft in the market, will quickly enable the growth of sustainable on-demand aviation.

An aviation tailored to
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Aviation is currently the most efficient mode of transportation. Unfortunately, domestic commercial flights have been significantly reduced in recent years, making certain travels (especially for business purposes) complicated via an incomplete railway network focused on Paris or a road network with particularly long journeys between regions.

On-demand aviation becomes the ideal alternative by offering a flexible solution for direct point-to-point travel, utilizing a highly dense network of airports/aerodromes in Europe (390+ in France).

Electric aviation is the present and the future of on-demand aviation flights. 

Aircrafts for on demand aviation

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The advantages of the electric aircraft for on-demand aviation