Regional Transport Aviation

Regional transport aviation is at a turning point in its history with the upcoming arrival of hybrid, electric, and hydrogen-powered aircraft suitable for inter-regional flights. They will enable the development of new air routes that will complement an incomplete railway network and an inefficient road network for inter-regional travel between regions.

A model to reinvent

Commercial inter-regional air routes are becoming less prevalent today as they are not well suited to the current challenges of environmental awareness and flexibility. Consequently, decreased aircraft occupancy has a significant impact on the profitability of operators. However, with the emergence of light aircraft (<19 seats) powered by hybrid, electric, or hydrogen propulsion, there is a tremendous opportunity to reinvent the model of regional air transport and make it sustainable, better meeting the needs of passengers.

Regional air mobility is undergoing a revolution as it becomes more responsible

Sustainable Aircraft for regional transport

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The advantages of the electric aircraft for regional transport aviation