Info Aircraft rental: what you need to know

Do you plan to add a new aircraft to your fleet but are you still hesitating between leasing and buying?
To date, the majority of airlines lease the planes they operate. For example, Air France leases more than 60% of the fleet it operates! This way of having a new plane is becoming more and more democratized in light aviation and will allow clubs and flight schools to benefit from new carbon-free planes.

Here is some information about our “turnkey” electric aircraft rental offer.

Why lease rather than buy an aircraft?

Leasing avoids significant investments

Unlike purchasing an airplane, leasing allows you to have a new or very recent aircraft without a significant upfront investment for the aircraft purchase. Expenses are planned and spread over the duration of the contract, avoiding the need to tie up capital.

Green Aerolease’s leasing service is ‘all-inclusive’

The turnkey leasing service we offer provides you with access to an insured, maintained, and airworthiness-monitored electric aircraft. The charger is also provided as part of the lease. All that’s left for you to do is take care of electric recharging and fly without the burdensome administrative processes!

Leasing allows for expense planning and prevents surprises

Since the aircraft is insured and the maintenance program is integrated into the leasing service, you have a clear visibility into upcoming expenses related to the leasing of your electric aircraft. Additionally, this prevents unpleasant surprises in case of breakdowns or accidents.

Leasing provides access to the latest technologies

As the electric aircraft is equipped with a brand-new propulsion system, batteries are expected to evolve over time. By leasing the aircraft with us, you can upgrade it based on the latest innovations. We have already equipped our Velis Electro aircraft with second-generation batteries, at no cost to our lessees!

Leasing comes with specialized team support

The Green Aerolease team is committed to providing its customers with all the necessary support to facilitate the integration of Sustainable Aircraft into their fleet. Our goal is to assist you as best as possible in your journey toward developing decarbonized aviation, through a specialized team that covers various aspects: piloting, instruction, maintenance, and more.

How to rent an aircraft ?