Info Fly in electric aircraft

We are currently experiencing a crucial period for the survival of the aviation industry, a sector constantly criticized for its high carbon footprint and the generated noise pollution. In this context, the environmental transition of aviation is essential, and the solution already exists for training and recreational aviation: the electric airplane

Why Fly with Electric Airplanes?

Democratized in the automotive field, electric propulsion is now available for aviation. In 2020, the Slovenian aeronautical manufacturer Pipistrel introduced the first two-seater pilot training electric aircraft to the market: the Velis Electro. Already adopted by numerous flight schools and aero clubs in Europe, the Pipistrel Velis Electro captivates with its refined piloting capabilities and ease of handling. This makes it an ideal aircraft for pilot training, maintaining pilot skills, and leisure flights, including scenic flights.

But these are not its only advantages; this electric aircraft stands out from traditional combustion-engine aircraft in three key aspects:

It eliminates CO2 emissions associated with aviation

The primary advantage of the Pipistrel Velis Electro is its ability to facilitate the environmental transition of the aviation sector and ensure its sustainability. It also allows for strong communication with the general public and the press, attracting new pilots who have been deterred by the environmental impact of aviation. Operating an electric aircraft signifies a commitment to a sustainable and less polluting aeronautics.

It’s quiet: fewer complaints about noise disturbances

Residents near airports often complain about noise disturbances caused by aviation activities, creating a tense atmosphere in these areas. The quiet nature of electric propulsion significantly reduces these tensions. For instance, the Pipistrel Velis Electro generates 14 times less noise than a DR400, the most common combustion-engine aircraft in aero clubs to date. Electric aviation guarantees the ability to continue flying with peace of mind for both pilots and local residents.

Operating costs are managed

With the electric aircraft leased through Green Aerolease, you gain access to an insured and maintained aircraft with included airworthiness monitoring at an affordable price. This makes aviation accessible to a wider audience, avoiding the additional costs linked to rising fuel prices.

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